Improve all weather-roads are undoubtedly considered a substantial contributing factor to the mobility of tourists to different tourist destinations. A few years ago, the road networks in the municipality leading to tourist attractions were accessible during the dry season by ordinary vehicles and by 4-wheel-drive vehicles only during the wet season. However, road conditions leading to Kasibu’s Barangays, where the existing tourist attraction is located, have improved recently. For example, the Capisaan Cave System in Barangay Capisaan, the municipality’s main attraction, is now open to the public all year round, as are Edralin Falls in Barangay Antutot and Alimadin Falls in Barangay Papaya. This was made possible through the convergence program of the DPWH and DOT with the collaborative effort of the Provincial and Municipal Local Governments.

Two primary roads lead into town. Visitors may travel to Capisaan through Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, traversing the Municipality of Quezon’s roads and Barangay Tadji, Binogawan, and Wangal, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya for around two hours on PUJs and one and a half hours in private vehicles. Another way to Edralin Falls is via Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, going through Antutot, Kasibu, for 30 minutes. The journey to Capisaan will take two hours, passing via Barangay Poblacion, the local town hall, Papaya, Malabing, the Philippines’ Citrus Capital, and finally Wangal.

Several project proposals have been presented to the National Government, particularly to the Department of Tourism (DOT) through the Department of Budget and Finance (DBM), to finance the building of farm-to-market roads that also link to prospective tourism sites in the area. The projects are scheduled to be finished by the year 2022. If this happens, visitor arrivals will rise as a result of more accessible access to tourist sites.

However, the distance of some of the tourist attractions are outlying to the service centers such as: banks, restaurants & markets etc/ and others. Furthermore, some of it is located far from the national highway, requiring tourists to walk for several kilometers to their destinations. Nevertheless, these current scenarios add to the excitement and thrill of experiencing the place.

Barangay Capisaan is 17 kilometers away from Barangay Poblacion and can be reached in 40 minutes at normal speed. Barangay Antutot is 16 kilometers away from Barangay Poblacion and can be reached in 20 minutes by an ordinary jeep or van at an average rate. In view of this, Poblacion has become its service center.