9th Largest Barangay in Town

  • Land Area: 1437.73 (has)
  • Population: 449
  • Livelihoods and Products: Cabbage, Rice, Vegetables, Citrus, Honey Bee, Agro Forestry Production
  • Tribe Dist: Ilongot, Ifugao, Barlig, Kalanguya, Kankanaey, Ilocano and Bontoc
  • Landmarks: Duntuyan Lake, Calinugan Cave

A Glimpse of Barangay Alimit

The first settlers in the place are the Ilongots before the coming of the Ifugaos and other tribes. Alimit was then a sitio of Barangay Didipio since 1962 and according to records, Alimit is also an Ifugao dialect derived from the name of a tree which was very ample in the place in the early period. In Ilocano, it means “tebbeg” meaning, a kind of a tree that bears watery fruit and is also useful to farmers beacause they used as fertilizers that preserve water in the soil when rotten. Alimit became an independent barangay in 1968 separating from Barangay Didipio.