10th Smallest Barangay in Town

  • Land Area: 1437.73 (has)
  • Population: 449
  • Livelihoods and Products: Rice, Vegetables, Citrus, Honey Bee, Agro Forestry
  • Tribe Dist: Ilongot, Ifugao, Barlig, Kalanguya, Kankanaey, Ilocano and Bontoc
  • Landmarks: Duntugan Lake, Calinugan Cave

A Glimpse of Barangay Belet

This place is forested, with rocky mountains, and tall big trees called “Balete”. This attracts the different kinds of birds to dwell; thus breaking the silence of the forest. One of these birds in Ilocano dialect is “Billet. These birds caused the settlers to make the area a firing place using their air guns. Hence, they called the place “Belet” by virtue of the Ifugao dialect that later moved to the place. And in 1972, the Sitio of Belet became a full-fledge barangay separating from Barangay Dine.