12th Smallest Barangay in town

  • Land Area: 1469.73 (has)
  • Population: 819
  • Livelihoods and Products: Rice, Vegetables and Citrus
  • Tribe Dist: Ilongot, Ifugao, Ibaloi, Gaddang, Kalnguya, Tagalog and Ilocano
  • Landmarks: Binogawan River, Citrus haciendas and fishponds

A Glimpse of Barangay Binogawan

This place was formerly called by the Ilongot settlers as “Pudi“. According to records, in the early days of 1920’s, there was an Ilongot family who has a very beautiful daughter that caught the admiration of the gentlemen in the place and even the neighboring barangays. However, because the people of Pudi favored their gentlemen to win the heart of the charming lady, they guarded the place from all suitors coming from other places. They termed this practice as “Binugaw” which became their culture, meaning “to drive away strangers“. In the late 1959, a smart Ifugao named Francisco Guinid Sr., whom in his leadership won the friendship of the Ilongots, later changed the name “Pudi” to what is known as “Binogawan“, deriving from the word “Binugaw“. Hence, by virtue of P.D. No. 557, Binogawan has been nationally recognized as a barangay of Kasibu,