2nd Largest Barangay in Town

  • Land Area: 4835.3 (has)
  • Population: 1307
  • Livelihood and Products: Rice, Vegetable and Citrus
  • Tribe Dist: Ilocano, Ibaloi, Kalnguya, Bicol, Ifugao and Bugkalot
  • Landmarks: Didugon-Debibi Watershed, Manaodo-Manga Watershed

A glimpse of Barangay Cordor

The way this barangay was named has a funny story. During the American regime, an American happened to visit this unknown place and met an old man on his way who was then fixing the cord of his pants. The American asked the old man the name of the place. THinking that the American was asking what he was holding, he replied, “Cordon“. The American sighed, “Oh, this is Cordon“, so from there, the barangay was named, “Cordon“.