11th Largest Barangay in Town

  • Land Area: 3136.51 (has)
  • Population: 1188
  • Livelihood and Products: Animal Production, Citrus and Vegetable
  • Tribe Dist: Ilongot, Ibaloi, Barlig, Kankanaey and Kalanguya
  • Landmarks: Malabing River, Tubo River and Upper Dine, Cabunwangan, Mael, Mangingib, Amisan, Ampan and Alulong Waterfalls

A Glimpse of Barangay Dine

The tribe Ilongots were the first settlers in this place and during the early period, they had a customary law which is: they must have to cut/remove their teeth at a certain age. These customs were not easy for all the people but then, however, they have to seek strategies to alleviate the pain. Likely, they discovered a herbal tree that can ease the pain right after cutting. They call it “den-ne” which became ample in the place. Later, the place was known as “Dine”, hence the name of the barangay. In 1971, DIne became a barangay aseparating from Barangay Catarawan.