Every year, the Municipality of Kasibu celebrates its town fiesta in celebration of the town’s development, as evidenced by the bountiful harvests and the rich culture and traditions of the locality. Until 2011, the Fiesta Committee, led by Fiesta Director-General Mr. Edward Santiago, proposed the term “Pugungan,” a Bugkalot word that means “assembly of people,” as the official name of the festivity, which was implemented in subsequent years. It was patterned on “The Grand Ammungan Festival” of the Province, which solely promotes the unity of people despite their diverse cultures and differences. It was declared that every 18th to 20th day of March would be the culmination day. Beginning in the year 2014, the Fiesta Committee decided to highlight a particular tribe of Kasibu to be the center of the celebration. The Ifugao (Tuwali/ Ayangan etc.) tribe was highlighted in 2014, followed by the Bugkalot in 2015, Ibaloi in 2016, and Ilocano in 2017.

Approximately one month before the festival, a sports festival is conducted as part of the festivities. It is attended by representatives from all of Kasibu’s barangays and the private sector. Several events are also being carried out, such as the Grand Parade, which includes street dance contests representing a certain tribe and showcasing the agricultural goods of the Kasibu. An event that stands out during the festival is the search for Ms. Pugungan Festival (also known as Ms. Kasibu), which representatives from every barangay in Kasibu attend. The winner of the competition represents the Municipality of the Province of the Ammungan Festival, and the competition is open to all participants. In 2016, they introduced the Mr. Pugungan Festival, which the Amungan Festival of the Province inspired. Other festivities include a Tribute Night (Spiritual Night), a Cultural Show, a Variety Show, and other similar events and activities.

Until 2019, the term “Pugungan Festival” was changed simply to “Kasibu Town Fiesta” due to some issues and indiscretions with the term. Nevertheless, the festival is envisioned to continue and be made even better as part of the municipality’s development. It is identified as one of the key strategies to attract and increase tourist arrivals in the coming years.