7th Smallest Barangay in Town

1st Municipal Seat of the Municipal Government

  • Land Area: 1348.67 (has)
  • Population: 2121
  • Livelihood and Products: Rice, Vegetables, Fruit Tree and Citrus
  • Tribe Dist: Ilocano, Kalanguya, Ibaloi, Kankanaey and Tagalog
  • Landmarks: Campo Rosario Ranch, Gabaldn, Kinalo Spring and Git-ong Falls

A Glimpse of Barangay Kongkong

The place was good for hunting wildlife in the early period that even the barter trade system is also very rampant. One day, a respected leader of the Ilongot named “Bonggay” went down to San Fernando, Bambang to trade products while making friends with the Ilocanos. Later, he invited his friends to their place for trade. Meanwhile, the Ilocanos became familiar with the place and they described it in their dialect as “Kasla nai-kongkong” which means a valley surrounded by mountains. That description was where the word “Kongkong” was derived as it is known today. In 1974, the place became a municipality but by virtue of P.D. 557, Kongkong became a barangay of Kasibu in 1980’s.