8th Largest Barangay in Town

  • Land Area: 3865.34 (has)
  • Population: 1730
  • Livelihood and Products: Aromatic Rice, Vegetables and Eco-Tourism
  • Tribe Dist: Ibaloi, Ilocano, Kankanaey, Ifugao, Bugkalot, Kalanguya and Gaddang
  • Landmarks: Makiboy Spring, Manopag Spring and Danawen Falls

A Glimpse of Barangay Muta

There was a leader who had an only daughter named “Mutya”, she was the most beautiful woman in the valley. She was along the riverbank picking “susu” (shell) when suddenly, American Soldiers reached the place where she is and asked her name. Because she was chewing betel but that time, she twistedly pronounced her name as “Mutha“. From there, the soldiers started to call the place “Mutha Valley” until it was spread to all the settlers and later, the name was spelled in a local dialect “Muta“. In 1970, Muta was converted to a barangay of the town.