Kasibu’s economy is primarily based on agriculture and forest products. So, the potential for contributing to local economic growth will be an increase in the service sector. This means that these sectors are over-represented in terms of the number of people employed. There is a possibility of using 200 residents in the Direct Influence Area during the plan’s implementation.

Resident’s Attitude Towards Tourism Development

Both the community and barangay officials have already started to accept the nature of the tourism industry in their respective barangays. As time progresses, they are now seeing the potential growth of tourism in their barangay and the municipality as a whole. That can help with economic development by raising employment, livelihood, and business startups. According to them, “it is also an opportunity for the town of Kasibu to become well-known not only locally, but globally.” They do not have any apprehensions about tourism development. Instead, they appreciated it. The beneficiaries/IPs, too, were willing to accept development for faster progress.