10th Smallest Barangay in Town

  • Land Area: 1329.41 (has)
  • Population: 885
  • Livelihood and Product: Rice and Vegetables
  • Tribe Dist: Ibaloi, Ifugao, Kalanguya, Kankanaey and Bicol
  • Landmarks: Campote River, Liman River and Upper Sinabing Natural Spring

A Glimpse of Barangay Siguem

The original inhabitants of barangay Siguem were the Ilongots, a nomadic tribe and known for their headhunting practices. The Barangay got its name from the Ilongot word “Siguem” which means “salt” due to the presence of a salt spring in the heart of the plce. SIguem has been a sitio of Kasibu since 1962 and became an independent barangay in 1955.