The progressive status of the municipality of Kasibu now will
always be credited to one great man. Basing from the perspective of its town historical milestones, this man opened Kasibu to the province and to the world. Who is this man?

ALBERTO G. BUMOLO SR. (March 17, 1935-May 14, 2013)

Is a Novo Vizcayano icon. He was a home grown politician. He was a Board Member of Nueva Vizcaya during the 1990’s. However, he was renowned more than anything as the Municipal Mayor who made the town of Kasibu. History shows that long before the opening of the municipal district of Kasibu, there was a school and a constabulary detachment for the Ilongots now officially called Bukalots. Many Ilongots roam in the region which necessitated the establishment of a government to administer the place. For this reason, the provincial board during Governor Catañedas time requested the Governor-General to authorize the establishment of this place as a municipal district.

1997 – 1979

So, in 1925, the Governor-General issued an Executive Order for the organization of this place to be known as the municipal district of Kasibu. The newly created town was bare and considered to be a literally dark and unreachable forest. It was just during the time of ALBERTO BUMOLO SR.; after 4 decades and 2 years, that Kasibu was literally cleared and enlightened. Eventually, the town was politically subdivided and established 30 barangays namely: Antutot, Alloy, Alimit, Bilet, Binogawan, Bua, Biyoy, Capisaan, Cordon, Camamasi, Catarawan, Nantawacan, Didipio, Dine, Kakiduguen, Kongkong, Lupa, Macalong, Malabing, Muta, Pao, Papaya, Pacquet, Poblacion, Pudi, Tokod, Seguem, Tadji, Wangal, and Watwat. Today, Kasibu is a third class Municipality in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. According to the latest census, it has a population of 31, 515 people in 5, 200 households. ALBERTO BUMOLO SR. as a part of the modern day Kasibu assisted the Department of Education– creating schools in the far flung barrios, visited many families to promote the importance of education in the upland making him a successful and strategist politician.

Alberto Bumolo Sr., dubbed as The Builder of the municipality of Kasibu, whose body of work on politics mirrors the history of the town, died on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at the age of 78. he died battling with health problem that comes with age. With his lean physique and humble demeanor, his memorable characters, notably as a political man effectively captured the travails of the common Kasibunians when he won with a slim 8 gap of vote as a Mayor back in 1967 election.